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CLOCHAR's mission is to create clothes with a touch of style and a pinch of mischief. We believe that your wardrobe should be both trendy and relaxed. Our clothes are ready to become your reliable companion both at home and on the street. Wear our clothes differently. Wear it together as a full suit, or take it apart to pair with other pieces of clothing. After all, style should not be limited by boundaries, but should be your way of expression and creativity. What about adding your own special charm? We welcome individuality!

Our clothes are ready for your experiments. Sew on a patch, add something of your own, or sew on a new button in a different color if the “native” decided to take a break. Let your imagination become part of our models. We put our soul into each product so that it brings you joy and a smile. By making clothes, we build partnerships with our customers. CLOCHAR style is bold details, original combinations of fabrics and bright accents that attract the eye and create a unique atmosphere.

Authentic external seams: One of the key features of the CLOCHAR style is the external seams. Instead of hiding them under the inner layers of the fabric, CLOCHAR focuses on the seams, making them an important part of the design. The seams can be done in contrasting colors or use colored threads, which creates a spectacular and unusual look.

This allows each piece of CLOCHAR clothing to be unique and different from others. Colored threads and buttons: CLOCHAR is not afraid to use bright colors and accents. Colored threads and buttons become an important style element, adding playfulness and originality to homewear. They can be made in contrasting colors, which allows you to stand out and attract attention. Every detail, whether it's a button on a shirt or a stitching on pants, emphasizes the individuality and style of every person who chooses CLOCHAR.

Combination of different fabrics: Another feature of CLOCHAR is the combination of different fabrics in clothes. This style is not limited to one material or style. Instead, CLOCHAR combines different fabrics to create unique combinations and textures. For example, soft knitwear can be combined with silk or denim, which gives the garment an unusual and interesting look. This not only makes each CLOCHAR garment unique, but also adds comfort and functionality. Stand out and show your individuality: One of the main advantages of the CLOCHAR style is the ability to stand out and show your individuality. When you wear CLOCHAR you can't be mistaken for anyone else. Every detail, every design element is designed to help you express your uniqueness and style.
Tbilisi, Samgori DIstrict
Police Lane I, N5

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